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Desktop Computer Repairs Waterlooville Failed RAM Replacement & RAM Upgrade

RAM Upgrade

Most computers will benefit from a memory upgrade. If the computer has the correct amount of memory it will be able to run the required programs and services providing you the experience you expect. Computers will significantly slow down when running a greater number of programmes with a limited amount of memory. 

RAM is a form of computer memory that can be read written extremely fast and the computer uses this to keep track of all the information it requires to run efficiently. 

When the computer runs out of free system memory it will start to use the internal hard drive for working storage and this is achieved at the expense of speed. This is why a RAM upgrade will often make a huge difference in computer usability

Failed RAM Replacement

After diagnostics have been completed and the RAM has been confirmed as faulty we will match the specification of the memory and replace like for like. This ensures your machine will run as the manufacture intended it to. Mismatching ram can cause further issues with speed and reliability You can also use this as an opportunity to upgrade your ram with Waterlooville Computer Repair RAM Upgrades